Create Your Own Ethos And Measure The Transformation Journey

Agility Ethos supports several Agile frameworks and Business Agility. The tool provides an objective, automated approach to measuring your Agile maturity and progress over time. The core engine is the machine learning algorithms that differentiates us from the competition. AgilityEthos provides custom feedback to your organization's context on how to improve and where the anti-patterns are, and accounts for meta-data. Measuring meta-data is as important as measuring the actual metrics/KPIs. Meta-data helps ensure no one person or group is gaming the system to satisfy expectations. If interested, please contact us to see a Demo!


So, why do we need to gauge your Agility?

Agile discovery process - Ethos data collection & analysis

"If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time!" -Zig Ziglar

AgilityEthos will analyze data collected, score maturity, and give an overview to where the pain points are and how to improve. Then you can build a coaching roadmap to achieve your Agility goals, and measure the improvement over time.

Part I - Data Collection

  • Ethos facilitated group surveys & discussions
  • Ethos facilitated one-on-one surveys & discussions
  • Ethos observed behaviour
  • Ethos empirical data collection

PART II - Analysis

  • Ethos crunches data looking for common correlations across all information collected
  • Ethos generates a dashboard based on trends and results
  • Ethos generates recommendations based on analysis
  • Ethos generates summary report

Part III - Readout

  • What the Ethos learned
  • What the Ethos recommends
  • Ethos suggested prioritization
  • Build Ethos transformation roadmap

SAFe Business Agility

7 Core Competencies & 21 Dimensions

Lean-Agile Leadership

  • Inspire others by modeling desired behaviors
  • Align mindset, words, and actions to Lean-Agile values and principles
  • lead the change and guide others to the new way of working

Lean Portfolio Management

  • Align strategy, funding, and execution
  • Optimize operations across the portfolio
  • Lightweight governance empowers decentralized decision-making

Organizational Agility

  • Create an enterprise-wide, Lean-Agile mindset
  • Lean out business operations
  • Respond quickly to opportunities and threats

Continuous Learning Culture

  • Everyone in the organization learns and grows together
  • Exploration and creativity are part of the organization's DNA
  • Continuously improving solutions, services, and processes is everyone's responsibility

Enterprise Solution Delivery

  • Apply Lean system engineering to build really big systems
  • Coordinate and align the full supply chain
  • Continually evolve live systems

Agile Product Delivery

  • The customer is the center of your product strategy
  • Develop on cadence and release on demand
  • Continuously explore, integrate, deploy, and innovate

Agile Product Delivery

  • High-performing, cross-functional, Agile teams
  • Business and technical teams build business solutions
  • Quality business solutions delight customers

So, why use a tool to measure an organization's Agile maturity and progress? Well, we think the answer is obvious. To truly measure tangible improvement, and to unlock the root causes holding an organization back from innovating and being high performing, you need a lot of brain power and scalability. The right tool can be an enabler to ensure faster, repeatable consistency across the enterprise to baseline and measure real Agility. But, beyond this, the brain power is in the machine learning algorithms to find patterns and inference in the organization's culture.