Build An Agility Ethos

Plug & Play different Ethos modules to define your context.



Run Your

Structured discussions, gathered KPIs and metrics, and objective observations.



Generate AI Learnings
And Insights

Algorithms to find correlations, predict behavior & outcomes, and score Agile maturity.



Improve And Re-Run Model

Coach the context, improve, and measure increased Agile maturity over time.

Ethos Modules

Business Agility

Agile Enterprise

Agile Enterprise is the ability to adapt easily to change. It is the aptness to react successfully to the emergence of new competitors, abrupt shifts in the overall market conditions, and adaptation of industry-changing technologies that are based on the degree of agility in the organization.

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Agile Sales

Agile sales takes Scrum activities like sprints, daily stand-ups, and constant iteration, and applies them to selling. This framework helps sales teams be more flexible, data-driven, and effective.

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Agile Marketing

Agile marketing allows for short marketing experiments, frequent feedback, and the ability to react to changing market conditions.

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Agile Legal

Agile legal uses Agile methods (Scrum, Kanban, etc.) to facilitate litigation work and support transactional practices for enabling rapid value delivery to the client.

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Agile Talent

Agile talent is people transformation via aligning talent management to enable an Agile organization.

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Agile Finance

Agile finance is critical to creating an Agile enterprise. It's a concept that will resonate differently based on a company's culture and its tolerance for decision making.

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Agility Ethos is
Sophisticated Automated Intuitive Fit-For-Purpose Data-Driven


  • Custom Agile maturity models based on your organization's context.
  • Re-run the same Agile maturity model as often as you want to generate learnings and correlations across time.
  • Generate deep learnings through our AI and propriety heuristics algorithms for recommended suggestions on how to improve.
  • Download in report ready format that can be easily converted to PDF or inserted into a presentation.
  • We account for actual metrics and KPIs, more survey data points, qualitative feedback, and cover several frameworks and roles.
  • The surveys can be truly anonymous versus pseudo anonymous.
  • Value Stream Analysis.
  • Scalable across an organization at a much more competitive cost.
  • Measures Meta-Data to help ensure no one person or group is gaming the system.

Built for You. Built to Scale.

Justify the commitment, funding, change management for your Agile transformation and journey, with quantifiable success and meaningful insight at all levels.

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What Our Clients Say About AgilityEthos

So, why use a tool to measure an organization's Agile maturity and progress? Well, we think the answer is obvious. To truly measure tangible improvement, and to unlock the root causes holding an organization back from innovating and being high performing, you need a lot of brain power and scalability. The right tool can be an enabler to ensure faster, repeatable consistency across the enterprise to baseline and measure real Agility. But, beyond this, the brain power is in the machine learning algorithms to find patterns and inference in the organization's culture.